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Our imperatives

Web synergy and return on investment

The different facets of digital marketing & internet advertising should never be built in non-communicative silos, but in synergy. Too many companies do specialize only in certain facets of digital marketing.

A high level of expertise, a perfect knowledge of the different digital platforms and an obsession for conversions allow PUBinteractive to offer you customized solutions adapted to your objectives. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, increase traffic, drive engagement, drive sales or a combination of these goals, you can count on a dedicated team of experts using the right tools to help you build and achieve your goals.

We are the digital agency focused on the measurement of each action, the achievement of your short, medium and long term objectives, and on continuous optimization.

PUBinteractive is a PREMIER Google Partner,
the highest level of certification given by Google.

PUBinteractive has the Facebook Blueprint certification
awarded by Facebook.


When a word is worth a thousand clicks

Google is the Yellow Pages of today and tomorrow (and to a lesser extent, so are Bing and Yahoo). Paid Search (SEM – PPC) is a must of Internet advertising. It allows you to dominate the search results for keywords that your potential customers are using, and for which you are not already dominating within the organic results. In Canada, advertising spend on the Google Ads platform accounts for approximately 50% of total Internet advertising investment in 2018. You should work with a digital agency with the highest level of Google certification ("Premier Google Partner") and who can maximize your advertising investment in paid search.


Les 10 principaux acronymes à 3 lettres du marketing numérique

by Sébastien Goulet

C’est connu, les acronymes à trois lettres ont toujours eu la cote en marketing numérique. Alors que plusieurs d’entre eux apparurent au cours des dernières années, d’autres...



Beyond likes

It is more than ever beneficial to interact with and retain customers through social media, be it on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other platforms. With their wide reach, the way they facilitate interaction, and varied targeting criteria, social media are platforms of choice for your internet advertising campaigns. In Canada, advertising spend on the Facebook Ads platform (including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp) accounts for approximately 25% of total Internet advertising investment in 2018, making it the second most important advertising platform. You should work with a digital agency who has the Facebook Blueprint certification and who can push the boundaries of your social media presence.

On le sait, l’augmentation des investissements publicitaires sur internet a été fulgurante depuis plusieurs années. Alors que les achats de publicité sur le web ne représentaient que 562 millions de dollars en 2005 au Canada, ceux-ci ont atteint pas moins de 4,6 milliards de dollars en 2015, ce qui représente une augmentation de 819% en 10 ans! Internet s’est accaparé 39% de tous les...



Invest in the measurable

Internet can meet a variety of needs. Thus, it can increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, drive online sales, and much more. Strategies to implement in a digital media plan should be tailor-made to your specific needs, and should not be limited to Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms. Whether using programmatic to deliver banners and videos, native advertising content, newsletter sendings, or by investing in custom integrations in niche sites, your digital media plan will benefit from using a variety of strategies to maximize your investment.

Video advertising

Programmatic & Real-time bidding (RTB)


Native advertising and influencers

Other platforms (Spotify, LaPresse+, etc.)

Programmatic & Real time bidding (RTB)

Push the limits of advertising on the web.

Thanks to the interconnectivity of advertising management tools such as DSPs ("Demand-Side Platform") and the SSP ("Supply-Side Platform") allowing exchanges between buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers or networks of sites), Programmatic makes it easy to automate and push the limits of advertising on the web.


10 étapes essentielles de la configuration de campagnes publicitaires numériques

by Diane Carrier
Partner, Digital Strategist

Comme vous le savez sans doute, l’une des forces de la publicité sur internet est la possibilité de démontrer concrètement les retombées des campagnes de nos clients. Pour ce faire,...


Content Marketing

Digital Marketing is not just advertising

The boundary between organic and promotional content is becoming increasingly blurred, and your potential customers are looking for more practical content that can help them than strictly advertising content. PUBinteractive can develop a content marketing strategy that will deliver content relevant to the defined persona, content that will accompany them as your target customers navigate through their buying process.


Un penchant pour le web depuis 10 ans déjà

by Sébastien Goulet

PUBinteractive fête déjà son 10e anniversaire en 2019, et je peux vous dire qu’il s’en est passé des choses depuis la fondation de l’entreprise, en septembre 2009 Dans les faits, la...



Beautiful is good, efficient is better.

The Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”) aims at optimizing the indexing and positioning of your site in organic search results (that is the “natural”, or un-paid search results). This work is essential since most websites have as their main source of traffic the search engines, and more specifically Google.


Le AMP démystifié en 10 points

by David Fredette
Partner, Creative and Web/UX development

Les designers web et les spécialistes en ergonomie UX/UI qui y sont confrontés en font parfois des cauchemars. De leur côté, les développeurs web qui s’y intéressent doivent réviser...



The balance between UX and performance.

Your site must not only deliver an exceptional user experience, but also be effective in terms of speed and security, as well as in SEO optimization, especially for Google. Make your investments in digital marketing profitable by entrusting us with the development of your next website. The optimization of your site is a continuous work that comes in several forms: UX, loading speed, compliance with the AMP protocol, optimization for search engines (SEO), optimized programming and adapted to different platforms.


Our main objectives: maximize your digital visibility and generate conversions

PUBinteractive can help you implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that integrates several synergistic approaches.