Training in Internet Advertising and Internet Marketing
Deepen your knowledge
Whether to understand how to optimize your site to be well indexed and well positioned in the organic results of search engines, to understand how to invest smartly in graphic advertising, to know how to approach social media or to understand how to draw the maximum of paid search, use PUBinteractive to deepen your knowledge in interactive advertising and internet marketing. The courses offered can be half-a-day for specific specialty needs, up to a few days for comprehensive training in all facets of interactive advertising and internet marketing.

Formations offertes:
  • Training in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Training in paid search (Google Ads and Bing Ads)

  • Training in web analytic (Google Analytics)

  • Training in social media

  • General training in digital marketing

Contact us for more information on training possibilities available with PUBinteractive.