Mobile and Tablet Advertising
Web consumption first and foremost on mobile
Since 2015, most of the internet consumption is no longer done on a computer in Canada… but on a mobile phone or tablet. With the use of mobile phones and tablets becoming more prevalent, these media must be prioritized when it comes to developing your digital media plan: optimized landing pages first for mobile user, emphasizes the development of mobile advertising formats, etc.
Advertising on mobile phones and tablets can take several exclusive forms such as mobile-format banners (including 320×50 pixels and interstitials), social media ads (including those on Instagram and Pinterest), and audio ads (including those on Spotify) or app installs. Thus, it is more than ever necessary to have the mobile in mind when designing websites, optimized landing pages and digital advertising, and when establishing all the strategies that will be used in paid search, in graphic advertising, social media and more.

Offered services:
  • Mobile-optimized websites and landing pages

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) optimization

  • Mobile advertising formats development (HTML5)

  • Strategies and digital media planning with mobile prioritization

  • App installs campaign

  • Responsive newsletter

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