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Search Engine Optimization
SEO = Essential
The Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”) aims at optimizing the indexing and positioning of your site in organic search results (that is the “natural”, or un-paid search results). This work is essential since most websites have as their main source of traffic the search engines, and more specifically Google.

Although particular attention is paid to the optimization for the Google search engine (93% of all Internet searches in Canada according to comScore), PUBinteractive ensures also taking into account the particularities of the other two major search engines, Bing and Yahoo.
Search Engine Optimization
On-Site SEO
and Off-Site SEO

To be fully effective, the Search Engine Optimization must include changes to be applied to both your site (“On-Site SEO”) and outside of it (“Off-Site SEO” ). PUBinteractive can help you so that the crawlers of search engines, such as Googlebot, “read” your website as we want them to read it, to make sure to capitalize on strategic keywords specially selected.

The keywords on which the strategies will be based are chosen after a thorough analysis of the relevant research trends as well as the level of direct and indirect competition of your site. In addition, the optimization of social signals and links from external sites will also be used to increase the quality of your SEO.

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