Real-time bidding (RTB)
Thanks to the interconnectivity of advertising management tools such as DSPs (« Demand-Side Platform ») and the SSP (“Supply-Side Platform”) allowing exchanges between buyers (advertisers) and sellers (publishers or networks of sites), Programmatic makes it easy to automate and push the limits of advertising on the web.
Real-time bidding (RTB), refers to ad impressions that are available and delivered in real time by a site or network of sites. These impressions are offered to a large number of potential advertisers via the exchange networks (“ad exchanges”). The entire process (auctioning, placing advertisers, delivering the impression of the advertiser having the highest CPM bid is calculated in milliseconds and is therefore, for all practical purposes, undetectable by users.

How it works: A certain user visits a website with one banner space, and the banner inventory has not been sold. A call is then made by the exchange server (database web server) supporting Real Time Bidding (RTB) to the Demand Side Platforms (DSP) or Ad Networks (Ad Exchanges) to determine which advertiser gets to serve the ad. Each user has an associated set of attributes (cookies), which is transferred from exchange server to the DSP and determines whether the user has the desired attributes (cookies) that the advertiser wants to target. Based on the perceived value of this user, a bid is placed on this ad impression by relevant advertisers and the highest bidding advertiser gets the placement.

The RTB pushes the limits of targeting and optimization of Internet advertising. But because of the level of complexity that it can reach, only companies with specific expertise in Internet advertising management will take full advantage of RTB capabilities.

PUBinteractive RTB: expertise and technologies
Our solution has a technology with access to all major public ad exchanges such as AppNexus and Index, as well as to private ad exchanges of all major sites and networks in North America.

Although technology is essential to the proper functioning of RTB, it is only a tool and it can’t single-handedly ensure effectiveness. A high level of competence as well as adequate human resources are essential in order to optimize your investments in RTB.

The strength of our offer is to establish goals and strategies tailored to your needs, with a strong emphasis on your return on investment (ROI). To achieve this, our experienced team continuously optimizes your investments in RTB to maximize every dollar that you will invest. In addition, your investments in RTB will be planned in synergy with all of your internet marketing strategies, because your online presence must include several ingredients to be fully effective.