Selling advertising on your media website

Establishing an Advertising Offer
You are the publisher of a website with significant traffic, and you would like to generate more substantial advertising revenues? You first need to define and position your advertising offer in order to convince advertisers and advertising agencies to invest in your site.

Establishing your advertising offer involves first analyzing your site traffic and the audience profile of your website along with their motivations and their browsing habits. Next comes the choice of the different forms advertising may take on your site, developing a media kit that meets the requirements of advertisers and advertising agencies, selecting a tool for managing advertising (ad server), and then signing partnership agreements with one or more ad networks, and more.

Generate Advertising Revenues

Once your website has a complete and attractive advertising offer for advertisers and advertising agencies, you have to be well organized and well-equipped with an efficient ad server to generate and maximize advertising revenues. There are many sources of advertising revenues for your site, including direct advertisers, ad agencies, ad networks and Google AdSense. The golden rule here is not to limit yourself to one source of income among them, but rather to aim at optimizing your inventory according to the eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille, or Effective Cost Per thousand) of each impression delivered.

Internal Organization

If you want to generate significant revenue from your website, you will need to develop a complete and attractive advertising offer, develop business relationships with advertisers, agencies and advertising networks, and you will have to be well-equipped with an efficient ad server that will allow you to optimize your inventory and maximize your advertising revenue. You will therefore have to address who does what within your organization.

Advertising Networks

Advertising networks can take over the complete commercialization of advertising on your site, or they can be a complement to your internal sales force. There are several types of advertising networks. While some of them may require an exclusivity agreement for the selling of advertising on your site, others will offer their services without any form of exclusivity.

Each advertising network has its specific strengths and weaknesses, therefore some will be more compatible with your website than others. Moreover, it is usually best not to limit yourself to an exclusivity agreement with a single ad network, but rather work with many and optimize your inventory by adjusting the share of view according the eCPM (Effective Cost Per Mille, or Effective Cost Per thousand) that each ad network generates.

Third party ad server

Using a third party ad server is essential for the proper management of advertising campaigns on the Internet. This advertising tool instantly provides a variety of accurate statistics such as the unduplicated reach of your advertising campaigns, the frequency, the number of impressions delivered, the number of clicks and unique clicks generated, and the conversions generated. Moreover, this tool allows a more adequate optimization of your campaigns, for example by allowing instant changes to your banner ads.

The ad server primarly used by PUBinteractive is SmartAdServer, a very efficient tool to optimize your advertising campaigns on the Internet. This tool is accepted by all major sites and advertising networks.

Training in the selling of advertising on your media website

You are the publisher of a media website or in charge of a network of websites and you seek to generate more important advertising revenue? Contact PUBInteractive to learn how to establish your advertising offer, maximize your advertising revenue, judiciously choose an ad server, and much more through training dedicated to the commercialization of websites.

The training offered can be tailored to your needs, and it may be held at the offices of PUBinteractive, in your own offices, or in a room rented for the occasion.