Mobile and Tablet Advertising

Since the use of mobile phones and tablets is becoming more prevalent, these devices should not be ignored when the time comes to develop your Internet media plan. Advertising on mobile phones and tablets can take many forms such as specific text ads (PPC), banner ads, interstitials, custom integrations for application downloads, and much more.

According to IAB Canada, the advertising spending on mobiles and tablets has totalled $903 million in Canada in 2014 (23.8% of the total invested in Internet advertising en 2014). More importantly, these investments have increased by 111% in 2014 compared to 2013, making it the form of interactive advertising with the fastest growth.

Total 2014 Internet Advertising Revenue (net)
Millions (CAN$) Actual
Online (desk/laptop) 2,991 2,890 -3%
Mobile (+Tablet) 427 903 111%
Total Internet 3,418 3,793 11%

*2013 restated 107Mil. due to retroactive respondent advice (was $3,525)
Rounded; excl agency com'n; Mobile incl Tablets & Msg, excl prod'n

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