Display Advertising

Display Advertising is not limited to banners in standard formats such as Big Boxes, Leaderboards and Skyscrapers. It also includes floating ads, video advertising, custom integrations, sponsorships, wallpapers, and much more. It allows an increase in brand awareness in order to get a higher impact. Moreover, the Display Advertising can increase the traffic of your website and it can generate leads too.

Investments in Display Advertising on the Internet in Canada account for 33.6% of the total ($1.274 billion invested in 2014), second only to Paid Search (PPC).

Total INTERNET Revenue & Percent Growth by Ad Vehicle: 2013-2014 (net)
Ad Vehicles: (CAN$) Total Canada French Canada
(incl Desk/laptop + Mobile)
1,802 2,052 14%
371 417 12%
1,091 1,274 17%
189 188 -1%
289 171 -41%
56 26 -53%
208 266 28%
31 43 39%
18 19 8%
2 3 24%
11 11 8%
1 1 94%
3,418 3,793 11%
650 679 4%

* 2013 Total restated by 107mil to reflect a retroactive corporate reporting change (was $3,525)
* 2013 standard format revenues adjusted upward from Online-only base (PC) to reflect Internet base (+Mbl)
** Class/Dir. decline in 2014 caused by $100mil+ reduction in reported revenues by one survey participant
** Class/Dir. - in 2013 $115mil ($39mil Fr) was shifted to Search per a major corp. reporting chg.
Video = Pre, Mid, Post-Roll in Videoplayer environment (excludes companion ads or In-Banner); #s rounded.

Display Advertising generates a lot more than clicks (or “instant visits”). Indeed, it increases brand awareness and the credibility of the brand, provides a greater advertising impact, allows the control of reach and frequency as well as immediate interaction within the ad itself, and much more.

Moreover, a variety of targeting criteria can be applied to your campaigns in display advertising with ad servers, such as behavioral targeting, retargeting, frequency caps, sequences, geo-targeting, and much more.

Finally, Programmatic and Real-time bidding (RTB) can improve your ROI and maximize more than ever your investments in display advertising.
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